Welcome to Your Home DNA!

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a new home from Coventry Homes! We share your excitement about your new residence and look forward to having you work with us in the building of your home.

Coventry Homes has designed Your Home DNA to assist you during and after the purchase of your home. The information presented here will answer many questions and prepare you for each step of the new home experience, making this exciting time easier.

Your Home DNA includes:

  • Your Homeowner Guide, which outlines the events that typically take place in the purchase of a new home and provides an overview of the events that will require your time and attention.
  • Design Information, such as your exterior and interior color selections
  • Warranty Information, assists you with the Warranty process, and provides tips and guides to maintain your new home
  • Manuals, so many manuals come with your home. For those pieces we can, we have provided them here for you in one easy reference.

Please take the time to review the Homeowner Guide thoroughly. Note the amount of detail we have provided. Your new home will receive the same attention to detail.

If you need clarification or additional details about any topic discussed, please give us a call. We are delighted to welcome you as part of the Coventry Homes family and are always ready to serve you.